The straightforward, intuitive control interface is designed for the whole family.
The remote control interface is designed to control and monitor the home very easily, even for those with no experience of new technologies.
A multi-screen application which allows you to interact directly with all home appliances even remotely
Enable or disable the alarm, turn off lights, actuate the rolling shutters, and easily control and manage all the electrical functions in the home in a few clicks.
Through the dedicated applications, keep in contact with your home anywhere and at any time when on the move
An intrusion, a fire breaking out, a child coming home from school or granny not getting out of bed: you are immediately alerted of all events occurring in your home during your absence. Wherever you are, control, check and view what is going on in your home using your Smartphone.
Automating the home couldn't be easier
No knowledge of programming is required: simply fill in the fields "If, Then, For time, When".
Design scenarios to avoid daily repetitive tasks.
Example of an automatic scenario: "I leave home": my alarm is enabled, the shutters close, all my lights are turned off, and the garden gate opens.