Services and optionsFIRSTSECUREFULL
Remote access 24 hours a day, 7 days a week via a computer, a touchscreen tablet or a smartphone X X X
Remote live streaming of camera views X X X
Periodic programming and unlimited scenarios X X X
Unlimited alerts by e-mail and push X X X
Unlimited alerts by sms and vocal call X X
Video backup on secure servers X X
europ assistance services (France, Italy, Germany, Monaco) X X
Switchover to the GSM network if the Internet connection is not working properly X
Operation on GSM network X
Monthly price (incl. tax) 4.90 € 9.90 € 14.90€
You have choose between 3 types of offers FIRST , SECURE and FULL according to services that interest you.
How do you subscribe to offers?
Change your service offer from your "User" space in the "My account/My offer" section:
Multimedia alerts
The Box InTwo informs you of an event occurring in your home and allows you to take appropriate action.
Alerts concern all types of incidents: intrusion detection, accidents in the home (fire, water damage), power outage, malfunction, low battery, etc.
In the event of a power outage or loss of your Internet connection, the system will continue to operate locally (intrusion detection, siren sounding), but the connection between your Box InTwo and the servers is interrupted. With the GSM backup option, the Box InTwo uses its embedded SIM card to restore a link with the servers via the GPRS mobile network and allow alerts and video feeds to be sent and home to be remote controlled.
Video backup
When a detection takes place, automatic recording on intrusion detection is triggered on the selected cameras. Video signals are then recorded with no degradation on secure servers outside the home.
They can be viewed from wherever you are from your remotely controlled interface (computer, tablet, smartphone) and downloaded.
Operation on GSM network/router mode
This option is useful if the Internet connection is lost in the home. The Box InTwo uses its SIM card to connect to the servers via the GSM mobile network. This allows additional compatible cameras to be connected in a network.
The use of the GSM network ensures the operation of the Box InTwo round the clock, seven days a week with no limitation, subject to the service provider's (SFR) GSM network reception level.
Assistance Service
As a specialist in emergency response, europ assistance provides you with support solutions following a break-in or an attempt to burglar your home: on site response round-the-clock, free of charge caretaking service, management and handling of repair costs (glass, plumbing, electricity, locks), repatriation the owner and their minor children, assistance in administrative procedures and psychological support.
Offer valid in France, Italy, Germany, Monaco.
europ assistane you live we care !