Radio Frequency (RF) communication

The proposed accessories communicate with the Box InTwo over a radio link. This protocol is based on a radio frequency at 868MHz. This standardized and little used frequency provides good transmission over the radio range.


Used to broadcast voice messages providing installation assistance, warnings in case of burglary and system operation messages.

WiFi connection

Used for connecting the Box InTwo and the cameras, it provides wide freedom choice in the location of the system without having to lay wiring.

Built-in siren

A built-in siren with a sound power of 95 decibels in compliance with existing standards and fully suited to your home or to small business premises.

Embedded SIM card

An additional security, to ensure the transmission of alerts and data even if the Internet is disconnected.

Touch buttons

Touch buttons provide knowledge of your system status (connection mode, battery charge) and allow you to disable all the cameras, adjust the sound and enable the light strip.

Integrated backup battery

To ensure service continuity in the event of a power outage. Provides for operation on battery power for 2 to 3 hours depending on the features used.

Light path

A means of being promptly informed of the system operating status: normal operation (multi-colours), connection problem (red), updating in process (green), in maintenance mode (violet), etc.

Integrated camera

The wide angle, swivelling camera also benefits from the battery backup and GSM network. Its motion detector function provides an additional detection point.

Video backup on secure servers

All video recordings are hosted on secure servers which can be remotely accessed from anywhere.

The Autoboot function

To provide a workaround for a power outage lasting longer than the battery life. Once power is restored, the system restarts automatically without operator action.

Networking of compatible cameras

Allows operation in the home if the Internet is disconnected. The system connects automatically to the GSM network and can share the network with outdoor cameras.