Simple and quick to install
Create your account and then follow the guidance instructions given in your interface. InTwo Box assists you and informs you of its status by broadcasting voice messages and light signals.
Wireless, no wiring to be laid
No risk for your interior
Very discreet, wireless components which use a reliable, secure radio frequency (868MHz) to communicate with Your Box InTwo. To pair an accessory, select it from the list and then press its button. The accessory is immediately recognised.
Simple, intuitive interface from your PC, tablet or smartphone

From your home or remotely, control your equipment, view your interior through the camera or create your own scenario. Everything is straightforward and fast with the InTwo interface!

A modular, open-ended installation
Complete your installation according to your needs.
You have extended your home? You now want to automate your rolling shutters or monitor your energy consumption?
Choose from a wide range of compatible accessories to provide you with more comfortable and secure solutions on a daily basis.
A highly secure and reliable system
Its various connection types provide an immediate relay in the event of network deficiency. In addition, video streams are encrypted to prevent any misappropriation by third parties.
The Box InTwo has an interference detection system which provides a warning of any attempted jamming.